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One Heart Ministry


The vision of the CMBC One Heart Women’s Ministries is to let every woman at Corinth know that we can operate with one heart and one purpose: to worship God!  Jer. 32:39


Ministry Scripture:

Make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being in one spirit and purpose.”

Philippians 2: 1-3

  1. To share in the ultimate vision of Pastor Renfro that all women of CMBC will be unified under one umbrella of unity. The “ONE HEART WOMEN’S MINISTRIES”
  2. To ensure that all Mission auxiliaries are connected and able to share the Mission vision with the Women of CMBC and others.
  3. The ultimate goal is go forth and make disciples of all nations Matt. 28:19
  4. To bind together under our Women’s Ministries Covenant. (See Covenant)
  5. Identify roles and responsibilities for officers (i.e. Coordinator, Asst. Coord. etc.)
  6. To build-up believers in Christ to be ale to go ye therefore and preach the gospel.
  7. To provide avenues to reach all women of the church
  8. Identify and connect with all the women of CMBC
  9. To encourage women to become healthy: mind, will & emotions, body and spirit
  10. To open the door to meaningful mentoring relationships between women from different backgrounds, ages, and life phases.

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