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Rev. L. Wilson

In September of 1965, Rev. L. Wilson was called to the Corinth Missionary Baptist church as its leader. The church purchased a parsonage for their new Pastor and his family. Pastor Wilson was called to the ministry in January 1961 under the late Pastor G. C. Coleman of at the Friendship Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas. It can be said that Pastor Wilson’s preaching and teaching of God’s word touched the lives of many during his ministry and pastoral-ship. Under Pastor Wilson’s leadership Corinth Missionary Baptist Church grew numerically, spiritually and financially. It served as a host for many Bible institutes, fellowships, workshops and conferences during Rev. Wilson’s ministry. Members and auxiliary leaders enthusiastically participated and financially supported district, state and national conventions and all facets of Christian endeavors. The fellowship hall was remodeled and named Allen Hall and dedicated to the memory of Pastor R. Q. Allen. A van was purchased to provide transportation to those desiring transportation to attend church services.

While serving as pastor of CMBC Pastor Wilson was appointed by the Moderator of the St. John Regular Baptist District Association to the following positions: Assist. Dean of the St. John Congress; member of the credential committee for St. John District Association; additionally, he served as Vice President of Austin Baptist Ministers’ Union; Chairman of Revival Committee for City Wide Revival, sponsored by the Ministers’ Union. He also served as an evangelist in Korea. Pastor Levester Wilson had two sayings that have had an impact on many lives; he stressed encouragement and education. The first saying was, start where you are, take what you have and do the best you can. Secondly he would say, no go…, no know…. no grow,. In Dec. 2000, Rev. Levester Wilson retired as pastor of Corinth Missionary Baptist. 

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