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Pastor G. M. Renfro

In April 2001, Min.Gary M. Renfro was chosen to become the third pastor of Corinth Missionary Baptist Church. He was installed on the first Sunday of June 2001. Under Pastor Gary Renfro’s leadership we have become a church “… where individuals and families can experience God.” Within the first eleven months of Pastor Renfro’s leadership we saw a resurgence of church attendance which resulted in an increase of our church roll. We were able to pay off the debt owed on the organ, purchase new book holders for the pews, ceiling fans and a water heater. We replaced our piano with a new keyboard and speakers; purchased a pool warmer for the baptismal and installed an alarm system for the sanctuary. A new church van and an A/C unit were also purchased. In 2003 the Board of Trustees was revived to begin the planning and visionary processes to ensure the growth as a ministry where both families and individuals can experience God. We recognize that our success is not dependent upon our strength, riches, resources nor wisdom but is defined by total reliance upon God through our Salvation in knowing His Son Jesus Christ. The church has no outstanding debts and continues to meet our budgetary obligation for operating expenses.

This allows us to save for the enlargement of the church’s territory. An additional enhancement is the establishment of a scholarship fund for deserving students. In 2006 we also obtained a 501(c) 3 non-profit status with the Federal Government. CMBC made history in 2007 by collaborating with our sister church, University Presbyterian Church. This marked the first time we formally established an ongoing relationship of shared worship services and activities that were not of the Baptist faith nor predominantly African American. As the church approached 2008 Pastor Renfro encouraged us by telling us, “Together, we can accomplish all that God has planned and purposed for us to do. He makes perfect all that we do and all we hope to be. I trust that we continue to improve and strive for excellence. There is much to get done and it will take prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit to make it happen. I still believe that we are being prepared for an awesome and mighty move of God.”   

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