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Rev R.Q. Allen

Corinth Missionary Baptist Church (CMBC) was organized on March 23, 1939 on the south corner of the present lot in a 12×12 room with 12 members present. Rev. R.Q. Allen was the moderator of the meeting. Rev. Allen was called as pastor that same night and he served as pastor of Corinth Missionary Baptist Church for (26) twenty-six years and four months. Its charter members were: Sis. May Bell Allen Bro. Ellis Roberts Sis. Nola Thomas Edna Canady Lula Smith Marie Lynn Arnold W.C. Crenshaw Eddie M. Humphries Elfreda Davis M. C. Arnold Chattam Hill The officers elected immediately after the church was organized are as follows: Deacons: Brothers Ellis H. Roberts, Chattam Hill, M.C. Arnold and W.C. Crenshaw. Clerk: Bro. Ellis Roberts, Treasurer: Bro. Chattam Hill, Sunday School Superintendent: Sis. Elfreda Davis Secretary: Sis. Marie Arnold, Choir President: Sis. Mable Allen, Missionary Society President: Sis. Elfreda Davis The night the church was organized, the members voted to contact the owner of the property to negotiate a contract on it. Sis. Elfreda Davis and Rev. R.Q. Allen went to Dr. A.T. Quinsonberry, the owner of the property, who agreed to sell the land to Corinth for $800. The terms were $33.57 per month. Sister Davis and Rev. R.Q. Allen reported the proposal to the church members, who accepted the terms. The deacons and the pastor then signed the contract. The building had two 12’ x 12’ rooms of which the middle wall was removed to have a 12’ x 24’ building. Kerosene lamps were used until enough money could be raised to have the building wired for electricity. Deacon M. C. Arnold secured an electrician to wire the building for $17.75 who gave us $2.50 back with which we purchased light bulbs.

The church borrowed soda pop cases 2’ x 3’ boards for seats from the St. John Regular Baptist District Association. In December of 1941, Bro. Ellis Roberts located a two-story rock building for sale at the corner of 12th and Lavaca. Pastor Allen negotiated a contract with the seller of the house, Mr. Hood, to purchase the house for $400. Again Dr. A. T. Quinsonberry came to our rescue and made an additional loan for $400 to purchase the house and $500 for construction of a rock veneer church. The men and women of the church worked untiringly day and night wrecking the old building. The pastor even quit his job for five months to help with the wrecking of the old and subsequent building of the new structure. Bros. E. Roberts and Nichols furnished their trucks and drove them free of charge to haul the material to the present sight. Rev. George W. Stewart worked faithfully and free of charge to help build the first church, and remained faithful through the years. The second building was erected in June 1959. Rev. S. A. Davis was the contractor and Pastor R. Q Allen and Oscar Ulit; Architect designed the plans for the building. Kuntz-Sternenberg Lumber Company furnished the building materials. Pastor R. Q. Allen challenged his members to be all they could be to evaluate one’s self before finding fault with your other brothers and sisters in Christ. Search yourself to make sure you are doing all you can do to support the work of the church through financial giving and service. He also taught that what one does for the church best reflects his or her love of the church.

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